A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

The first rule of book club… Are we still making this joke? No? Ok. This is a book club that I’ve started with two of my friends in an effort to diversify our reading and discuss these books in more depth (and eat cupcakes).

We have two actual rules:

  • No YA
  • No fantasy

Why? Because, if you read my blog, you know that we already read plenty of both. Our plan is actually to focus on non-fiction, general fiction and classics. Feel free to read along.

July 2012 : Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (done!)

August 2012 : Alif the Unseen by G. Willow Wilson (done!)

September 2012 : North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell (suggested by H)

October 2012 : Life of Pi by Yann Martel (suggested by G)

November 2012: The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill (suggested by J)

December 2012: ?

Reading suggestions:

  • Catherine the Great: Portrait of Woman by Robert K. Massie (suggested by J)
  • Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared Diamond (suggested by H)
  • The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood (suggested by J)
  • The Headmaster’s Wager by Vincent Lam (suggested by G)
  • Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan by Hubert P. Bix (suggested by J)
  • The Jade Peony by Wayson Choy (suggested by G)
  • The Map of Time by Felix G. Palma (suggested by G)
  • Mary, Queen of Scots by Antonia Fraser (suggested by H)
  • The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco (suggested by H)
  • Never Let Me Go by Kasuo Ishiguro (suggested by H)
  • Palimpsest by Catherynne M. Valente (suggested by J)
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde (suggested by J)
  • Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi (suggested by H)
  • Running the Rift by Naomi Benaron (suggested by J)
  • The Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami (suggested by H)

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