A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

The Rogue Librarian is a children’s librarian working in Montreal. She holds a Bachelor degree in English Literature and East Asian Studies as well as Masters degrees in East Asian Studies and Library Studies. Like many, she is an unpublished fantasy author and an avid reader. She has a brown belt in Judo. She has a particular interest in Literature, History, Languages (dead, living and invented), Video Games, Sequential Art and Martial Arts. She loves manga, comics and YA novels. She currently lives in Montreal, Canada with her cats Percival & Nimue and a lot of books.

This site is an effort to share and keep track of the books I’ve read and loved. All opinions on the site of my own, not those of my employer.

If you wish to contact me about review copies, you can do so at jenjoou (at) gmail.com


Jefferson says:

Just found your Blog and I have enjoyed looking at the books you have on your list. Time for me to load up the nook and start reading.

roguelibrarian says:

I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the blog Jefferson. Welcome. 🙂

Hi! I stumbled on your blog while I was reading Sarah Rees Brennan’s Twitter and just wanted to say that I LOVE your background. Did you design it yourself?

roguelibrarian says:

I’d love to say that I did, but no. Someone named Stacey Leung designed it and kindly made it available to WordPress bloggers. It is lovely though, isn’t it?

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