A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{December 31, 2014}   A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

AChristmasCarolPlot: Mr. Scrooge has little care but for his riches. But on Christmas Eve, he is visited by three Christmas spirits, of present, past and future, who show him the errors of his ways and what will happen if he continues on his path.

This review is based on the audiobook narrated by Tim Curry.

Does anyone not know this story? There have been so many adaptations that are shown every year during this season but I had never read the original. It was really worth it. Dicken’s words, spoken by Curry were such a pleasure to listen to… though I confess that I kept imagining the characters as ducks, mice and dogs (Can you guess which adaptation I’ve seen most often? :P)

If I hadn’t read the book (well listened to the audiobook) I would have missed out on such great lines as: “There is more of gravy than of grave about you.” Dickens really does have a way with language and I love Curry’s voice. A highly recommended Christmas read.

2014 (#72)


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