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{December 23, 2014}   Nickel Plated by Aric Davis

nickelPlot: Nickel is 12 years old and on the run from child protective services. He survives by blackmailing pedophiles, selling weed and working as a private investigator. When a young girl disappears, only Nickel can bring her back alive.

This review is based on the audiobook narrated by Nick Podehl.

I bought this book because I liked Podehl’s narration of The Chaos Walking series. His performance didn’t impress me as much this time (though, don’t get me wrong, it was far from bad) but the story really did catch my attention.This is a short audiobook (just over 5 hours) but it is packed so full of mystery, trauma and action that it seemed longer.

Nickel is an interesting character: he is a boy who has been deeply, violently betrayed by the foster system. He reacts by growing up quickly and striking back at the types of people who hurt him in the first place, including though not limited to pedophiles. His slowly unfolding back story would be worth reading on it’s own. Davis is obviously playing on the pulp detective trope when writing Nickel’s mannerisms and monologues. This is interesting but it also leads the book’s biggest failing in my mind. Because Nickel is a 12 year old boy, some of the things that he thinks, especially with regards to the opposite sex, are outright creepy. I got chills. And not the pleasant reading a thriller kind of chills.

Ultimately, this fast paced thriller about human trafficking with a unique twist.

2014 (#65)


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