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{October 29, 2014}   A Royal Pain by Rhys Bowen

A_ROYAL_PAIN_hires-726337Plot: Georgie, second cousin the the King of England, continues to struggle to live in London with no income and no servants. She must thus be very resourceful when the queen asks her to host a troublesome Bavarian princess. As if that wasn’t hard enough: young party-goers and communists are turning up dead around them.

This review is based on the audiobook narrated by Katherine Kellgren.

The Queen has a new plot to separate the crown prince from his mistress: put a beautiful young princess in his path. Thus Georgie finds herself saddled with a young princess who seems determined to get her into trouble: theft, careless flirtation, a passion for gangster movies and an uncanny habit for being at the scene of murders (which to be fair to Hanni, Georgie shares). And in order to care for her and her chaperone, Georgie must engage her non-royal grandfather’s help to create the illusion of a household staff. And entertaining the young princess takes her to places she would not usually frequent: including swinging parties full of bright young things and communist bookstores. All of which would be good fun if people didn’t keep dropping dead.

This communist thread is central to the mystery though I feel it could have used some fleshing out. Aside to some references to Bolsheviks and a single meeting, we get little idea as to why communism is a threat to England – the home grown sort seems harmless enough the way it is portrayed in the novel. But though I would have appreciated the historical information, it didn’t hurt the intrigue and excitement. The resolution of the mystery remained satisfying and surprising to me and gave Darcy another opportunity to be dashing and heroic.

A Royal Pain is the second book in the Royal Spyness series. Book three is Royal Flush.

2014 (#56)


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