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{September 8, 2014}   Animal Farm by George Orwell

animalfarmPlot: Tired of the tyranny of man, the animals of Manor Farm revolt. They take over management of the farm based on seven commandments, the most important of which is “All animals are equal”. But as time goes on the commandments seem to change and the pigs seem to take on the qualities of their former human oppressors.

This review is based on the audiobook narrated by Tamsin Greig with a full cast.

This is a dramatized version of Orwell’s famous novel, modified for the purpose by the author himself. I have never read the full version (though I hope to correct that in the near future) so I cannot comment on how it has been changed. I can, however, say that this short audiobook (1h27) is engrossing and the narrators are effective. I found myself completely caught up in the story and thus deeply troubled by the pigs, led by Napoleon.

Orwell doesn’t hide the fact that this is a criticism of Stalin’s socialist regime. But though it isn’t a subtle criticism, it is very effective. He shows the ways in which ideals are twisted to the benefit of those in power, how loyalty and illiteracy is abused, how a cult of personality is formed and used to manipulate the populace.

Animal Farm is a classic for a reason and this audio version is very accessible.

2014 (#51)


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