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{August 1, 2014}   Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson

let's pretendPlot: The hilarious mostly true memoir of Jenny Lawson, known online as The Blogess.

This book had me laughing from beginning to end, sometime in recognition, sometimes in horror and always because of Lawson’s clever turn of phrase and perfect comedic timing. I found myself interrupting my boyfriend’s own reading constantly to share Lawson’s words (to the consternation of the strangers around us). I think for the rest of my days, when someone is going through a hard time, I will tell them that at least their arm isn’t stuck in a cow’s vagina.

Lawson’s memoir covers a great deal of territory from her unusual, poverty-stricken childhood through marriage and motherhood. But this is no average memoir. Lawson’s tale is full of dead animals, poop and unlikely incidents. And though she herself admits that her memoir is only mostly true, the strangest stories are the ones I believe the most: they simply defy imagination. With humour and honesty, she shares the struggles of living with mental illness (mainly, though not exclusively severe anxiety) as well as the struggles of work, love and motherhood.

It’s a book I would recommend to most anyone who enjoys a good laugh and who does not quite fit the definition of normal.

Lawson is currently working on a second book which I cannot wait to read. Meanwhile, for more of her writing, check out her blog: http://thebloggess.com/

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