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{July 1, 2014}   Dead Beat by Jim Butcher

Dead_BeatPlot: A deadly vampire threatens to ruin Karen Murphy’s career unless Harry Dresden brings her the Word of Kemmler. But Harry isn’t the only one looking for the book. Several groups of necromancers have gathered in Chicago to claim the book and the godly power of the Great Hunt on Halloween.

This review is based on the audiobook read by James Marsters.

Dead Beat is the seventh book in the Dresden Files and it includes a zombie T-rex! That’s all I need to say.

Not enough? Ok. The theme of this volume of necromancy. As with most of the volumes, there is more than one flavor of necromancer. There are of course zombie lords and body snatchers but of more interest to me are the necromancers who wish to use this dark art for good, to defeat death. I think that’s part of the magic (if you’ll forgive the pun) of Butcher’s series. There is no simple black and white. Even his dark creatures have some depth to them.And speaking of dark creatures, Harry begins to feel the consequences of picking up the coin belonging to the fallen angel Lashiel. It all adds up to a lot of danger and action, almost more than Harry can handle on his own.

Murphy, one of my favorite characters, is mostly absent but Butcher develops some new characters. The most interesting of these is the polka loving medical examiner, Butters. Something of a coward, especially in the face of forces he cannot understand, Butters is more of a hindrance than anything else at first. But he has a sharp mind and by the end he has become a true ally and friend to Harry. “Polka will never die.”

I liked this volume almost as much as Blood Rites.

The next novel is Proven Guilty. I am listening to it as we speak.

2014 (#27)



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