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{April 6, 2014}   The Witches by Roald Dahl

witches2Plot: The hero of this story is a young boy who grew up on his grandmother’s stories of witches: terrible, child-hating creatures who, unlike other story characters, truly exist. On a trip to Southern England, the pair have the misfortune to stumble upon a meeting of all the English witches and their plot to rid the entire country of children.

Just when I think I’ve discovered my favorite Roald Dahl book, I come across another one that blows me away with its creativity and its humour. Dahl brings his witches to terrible life through his words and quirky imagination. (For who else would have thought that witches have no hair or toes?)

The ending defies all expectations and tropes and yet is somehow just right. He makes me want to have such a quirky, story-telling Grandmama and experience the world as another type of creature. But I won’t tell you more. Though it’s one of Dahl’s longer books for children, it’s a quick read and an absolute pleasure.

There was a movie in the early 90s that I only vaguely remember watching. Does anyone recommend it?

2014 (#10)


Ahhh Roald Dahl, truly a masterful author!

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