A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{April 6, 2014}   The Infinite Moment of Us by Lauren Myracle

the-infinite-moment-of-usPlot: Wren has always been a good girl, living life as her parents have laid it out for her but with High School coming to an end she wants to experience life. She has deferred admission to Emery and signed up to go to Guatemala with a charity. Then she meets Charlie. They spend the summer falling deeper and deeper in love while acutely aware of their different origins and their upcoming separation.

This is a pure romance and a sweet one. The story also deals with some serious issues: becoming independent from your parents, the foster system, living with disability, poisonous past relationships and class differences.  But the main focus remains on Charlie and Wren (who tell their side of the story in alternating chapters) coming to know each other, falling in love and figuring out their place in each others’ lives. All these other issue merely serve to cause some trouble in an otherwise strong couple. At one point in my reading, I caught my breath, thinking something truly bad would happen but the drama never reaches truly serious levels. The ending is happy and everything ties up neatly.

This wasn’t a book for me: I’m not a big romance reader and I prefer romances that are funny and full of quirky, nerdy characters. But this is a well written, touching story that will find its fans. I would, however, recommend this novel for older teens because of some very frank discussions of sex.

2014 (#9)


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