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{February 28, 2014}   The Lynburn Legacy – Volume 2: Untold by Sarah Rees Brennan

untoldPlot: The town of Sorry-in-the-Vale has been traditionally subjugated to wizards and a group of them led by Rob Lynburn want to return to the old ways, blood sacrifice and all. Kami is determined to stop them but without her link to Jared, she has no magic of her own. She has only her wits and her friends to help her save all that she loves.

This is the sequel to Rees Brennan’s amazing Unspoken. If you haven’t, go read that first; I wouldn’t want to spoil it. She broke my heart at the end of the first book and I really had no idea where to go from there. I read this almost the moment I bought it.

All the characters I loved from the first novel are back: Kami the inquisitive reporter, Angela the sleepy and sharp tongued beauty, kind and playful (and slightly troubled) Holly… Rees Brennan writes such great a varied female characters. I want them all as friends. The gorgeous Lynburn boys are also back and their relationship with Kami only gets more complicated (and heated) in this volume. Though as much as I love them, my heart belongs to Rusty. ❤

But I think what I love most about Rees Brennan’s books is that she has a sense of humour that really speaks to me. It is a bit quirky and a bit dark and it has me constantly quoting her.

“Is he a terrible kisser?” Angela asked in a practical way.

“No,” Kami said disconsolately. “He’s a good kisser. He kisses like a minx. Like a minx on fire.”

“That doesn’t sound good.” Angela looked at her, half amused and half concerned. p 62

Untold has so many things to love, but though it drops us right into the action (with scarecrows come to life no less!), it does suffer a bit from middle book syndrome. It drags on a bit and the ending lacks some of the heart-wrenching emotion of the first book’s conclusion. Still our heroes are once more at a low I’m not sure they’ll be able to come back from. I can’t wait for the third and final book in the series.

If I have one real complaint, it’s that they changed the style of the cover. I understand the marketing reasons but I was in love with the original design.

2014 (#1)


Sounds amazing. I think I will add this to my pile.

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