A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{December 24, 2013}   Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding

Bridget-Joness-DiaryPlot: Bridget Jones is in her thirties, single, in a job she hates and she has more bad habits than she cares to admit. This year she plans to lose weight, drink less, stop smoking and find a man who isn’t an emotional fuckwit. It’s a rough road full of embarrassing mistakes and crazy romances.

I’ve loved the movie for years but have only now gotten around to reading the book that it was based on. I’m glad I did. It is a funny parody of Pride and Prejudice and Bridget for all her failings – and embarrassing similarities to other 30 somethings that may be reading – is a pleasure to spend time with.

If like me you are more familiar with the movie, you will find that there are some differences, especially where the ending and her mother’s storyline is concerned. I actually prefer the novel’s version of her mother’s adventures, because it has more references to Pride and Prejudice, but I can understand why it wouldn’t fit in a movie. I’m also glad to report that Daniel is just as detestable when he isn’t being played by Hugh Grant.

All in all, I didn’t find myself laughing as much as I hoped (perhaps because I knew most of the jokes already), but I flew through the pages. It is a very readable romance about a very likable modern woman.

There are now two other books in the series, Edge of Reason and Mad About The Boy.

2013 (#68)


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