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{December 1, 2013}   Comics and manga of november

lazarusAngel Heart season 2, volume 2 & 3 (French) by Tsukasa Hojo

  • The storyline from the first volume, about the father of Yang’s son, comes to a beautiful and tragic end. Then Xiang-Ying and Ryo are faced with a ghost from the past: Kaoru. The second season of Angel Heart is fun and entertaining but I find it has a bit less action and violence than I expect from a City Hunter series.

Aozora Yell, volume 4 (French) by Kazune Kawahara

  • Tsubasa finally confesses her feelings to Daisuke and must figure out their friendship in light of his rejection. A refreshing, lighthearted high school romance.

Avatar the Last Airbender: The Search, part 3 by Gene Luen Yang

  • Zuko and his companions finally solve the mystery of his mother’s disappearance. And the answer may surprise you. Wonderfully written and with art true to the TV series, this is a great continuations to one of my favorite cartoons.

Billy Bat, volume 8 (French) by Naoki Urasawa

  • The mysterious bat leads Kevin and Jacky to Japan on the path of a ninja and the mysterious scroll he once carried. I still have absolutely no idea where Urasawa is going with this but I’m with him all the way.

Chew, volume 7: Bad Apples by John Layman and Rob Gillory

  • People eating a new weight loss product are spontaneously combusting and a “vampire” is cannibalizing people with strange food powers to absorb their strength. Only Tony Chu, who can see the past of whatever he tastes, is the only one who can get to the bottom of these bizarre crimes and since the murder of his twin sister, he is more determined than ever. With only one volume left to go, this series is as fresh as ever.

Chi, une vie de chat, volume 1 (French) by Konami Kanata

  • I’ve yet to find a person who doesn’t love this series. It is simply the day to day life of a lost kitten. Anyone who has ever owned a cat will recognize Chi’s antics with a smile. The illustrations are adorable and in full colour.

The Cute Girl Network by Greg Means, MK Reed and Joe Flood

  • Jack is a bit absent-minded but he’s a nice guy and Jane likes him. But the cute girl network has some bad stories about his past relationships and want to save her from their mistakes. I was a little disappointed by this one. The romance is sweet but I don’t like talking behind people’s backs anymore than Jane does. Though ultimately the story comes down on the side of the lovebirds, the nastinest of many of the characters took some of the fun out of the romance for me.

Gisele Alain, volume 3 (French) by Sui Kasai

  • Gisele continues to take odd jobs around town. But when Eric leaves her boarding house to become an author, she is reminded of the reasons that led her to leave home at such a young age. A lovely, episodic series that should appeal to fans of Emma.

Heartbroken Chocolatier, volume 6 (French) by Setona Mizushiro

  • Sohta decides that after 7 years, he will finally confess his love to Saeko and accept the inevitable rejection. He hopes to be able to start a real relationship with Elena once his heart is broken. But when Saeko doesn’t give him a real answer, he is beyond confused. I love Mizushiro her stories are unique and they are hard and I’m not sure I can call them romances but they are beautifully told.

Journey into Mystery featuring Lady Sif, volume 1 & 2 by Kathryn Immonen

  • I really loved Journey into Mystery starring Loki, it was one of my favorite Marvel series. Immonen has created a worthy successor, less funny perhaps but just as engaging. I couldn’t put it down. Sif leaves in search of a beserker spell of old but she isn’t ready for the consequences of her new powers. Then she must go into space to save the All-Mother Gaea from a strange illness. It is refreshing to see another well written, kick-ass heroine leading her own title. Here’s to lots more.

Juicy Cider by Rize Shinba

  • A rather standard romance between to classmates: one serious and cool-seeming and the other innocent-seeming… at first. Good for some light entertainment.

Lazarus, volume 1 by Greg Rucka

  • Rucka is one of those authors that I will rad anything by and I was really excited about his new title from Image. He has constructed a post-apocalyptic world run by warring Families, each protected by a genetically modified human who cannot seem to die. Already by the end of volume one there have been complicated politics, betrayal and death. I was on the edge of my seat the whole way through. Rucka gives us amazing world building, character development and a whole lot of action. This is a series to watch.

Mara by Brian Wood

  • In a near future where athlete’s are mega-celebrities, Mara is queen. Until she develops unexplained and unlimited supernatural powers and she is treated as a a weapon. She could have been a hero but the world makes her otherwise. Wood cleverly calls it a “coming-of-rage” story. A well-executed one-shot in a distopian future.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, volume 2 by Heather Nuhfer

  • This series continues to impress me. It is fun, smart and cute. And so many fun pop culture references for those who pay attention. In this volume the ponies need to band together when the nightmares return to Equestria.

My Little Pony: Pony Tales, volume 1 by various writers

  • This volume has a story for each of the six main ponies, most light and a bit silly. It’s not as good as the main series but if you like MLP, it is worth picking up.

Priceless Honey by Shiuko Kano

  • A teacher calls an escort and is surprised to find it is the school janitor. Fear of a stalker brings two men together. And two former lovers reunite at a wedding. Some interesting short stories with amazing art and hot situations.

Rachel Rising, volume 3: Cemetery Songs by Terry Moore

  • Rachel and Jet die, again, and come back again. They continue to look for answers but meanwhile darker forces, lead by Lillith, continue their plan for revenge on Mason and on all of Eve’s descendents. I love Moore but honestly, I’m not sure what’s going on. I find the build-up a little slow. Still I trust that the pay off will be worth it.

Scott Pilgrim, volume 4: Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together by Bryan Lee O’Malley

  • The full colour, hard cover edition of this geek culture classic is well worth purchasing. In this volume, a girl from Scott’s past shows up and causes some friction between him and Ramona. As if that wasn’t enough, a man with a samurai sword is chasing him and Ramona’s next evil ex has arrived, and it’s a girl. The series borders on the absurd but it’s worth it for the humour and the video game references.

Silver Spoon, volume 4 (French) by Hiromu Arakawa

  • This series about life in an agricultural school continues to entertain. It is honest and it is informative and it’s funny and I’ve become really invested in seeing Yugo find his place in the world.

Wolverine and the X-Men, volume 5 to 7 by Jason Aaron

  • Wolverine reopens the school for gifted mutants but they is trouble from day one. When the teachers aren’t being manipulated by zombie circuses, Logan’s time-travelling brother is set cavemen, cowboys and robots on the class or kids are being recruited into the Hellfire club’s school for super villains. Aaron delivers a lot of high action hijinx and brings the new young mutants to life though some stories are stronger than others.

X-Men Primer, volume 1 by Brian Wood

  • Yet another X-Men volume one and I’m loving it! Wood puts the focus on some of the great women in the X-Men: Rogue, Jubilee (baby in tow. Curious? No spoilers. :)), Storm (rocking the mohawk again), Kitty Pride, Rachel Grey and Psyloche. And he really makes it work. This is no super girls get a makeover type story but a real X-Men adventure with the fate of the world in the balance. I cannot wait for volume 2.

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