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{September 22, 2013}   Comics and manga of the week (107)

boumeriesThis fortnight (because who am I kidding, this has become a bi-weekly column) I visited Montreal Comiccon and you’ll see some of my finds below (notably Boumeries and 1001). I also tackled my backlog of Whedon-verse comics. Enjoy the results below.

Angel & Faith, volume 2: Daddy Issues by Christos Gage

  • If you could remove all your pain, guilt and suffering, would you? That is the questions posed by this volume and Angel and Faith who have known more than their share of all 3 struggle to answer it. It is also about, as the title suggests, Daddy issues: Faith’s issues with her father and the various father figures who betrayed her in her life as well as Angel’s relationship with Drusilla. Yes, Drusilla is back! Though a bit different than you remember her. As I said for volume 1, Gage does an amazing job: the dialogue is crisp, the action exciting and there is oh so much pain. Angel and Faith were never my favorite Buffy characters but I’m loving this series enough to change my mind.

Angel & Faith, volume 3: Family Reunion by Christos Gage

  • While Angel and Faith seek to revive Giles, Willow wants to bring magic back to the world. But she needs Angel’s help, or more precisely his son’s help. In order to recharge her powers, Willow needs to return to the hell dimension where Connor was raised. The last thing that Angel wants is to draw Connor away from his normal life again, but his son has other ideas. Willow, Faith and Angel really have to battle their demons in this one but Connor really shines. He has really matured from the angry brat in the last couple of seasons of Angel.

Angel & Faith, volume 4: Death and Consequences by Christos Gage

  • Angel and Faith have collected almost all the pieces of Giles’ soul. All that remains is to confront the demon from his Ripper days: Eyghon. Honestly, all three volumes that I read this week were great. I can’t wait for the next volume, I’m pretty sure things didn’t conclude as neatly as they think.

Bride’s Story, volume 5 by Kaoru Mori

  • My local comic shop guy tells me that he’s always happy when I get one of these because I look SO excited to read it. And I must admit that Mori’s series about life in central Asia is both a feast for the eyes (all that detail) and a fascinating glimpse into cultures I know little about. In this volume, the twins get married in grand fashion, though they are hilariously displeased with their traditional role in the ceremony: to sit still and quiet and be greeted by guests. As much a work of art as an engaging story, do yourself a favor and buy it. It’ll look beautiful on your shelf and you’ll find yourself going back to it.

Boumeries, volume 3 (French) by Boum

  • This is a webcomic that I have been following for a while (you can read it in English here) and I make sure to buy the new volume whenever I see Boum at Montreal Comiccon. They are (mostly) black and white 4 panel gag strips about her life, geekiness and odd toilet dreams. I promise, you’ll laugh. 🙂

Louis Riel by Chester Brown

  • This is a comic that I have been meaning to read for years. Drawn & Quarterly’s new 10th anniversary edition was the perfect opportunity to pick it up. Brown approaches the history of the Metis leader with nuance and respect. We see the way he stands up for his people when they are cheated and abused by the government, but also his messianic aspirations that some might label madness. Brown could not, by his own admission, include everything in this biography but there is a lot of history here, presented in a clear, engaging way. This comic is a classic for a reason.

Sleeping Moon, volume 2 by Kano Miyamoto

  • This is the second and final volume of a series about two cousins trying to survive a family curse and slowly falling in love. Miyamoto is one of my favorite BL authors. Her art is beautiful and her romances are deep, complicated but without ever feeling like a soap opera. And though she claims to be afraid of ghosts, she offers us a spooky, well constructed ghost story.

Spike: A Dark Place by Victor Gischler

  • I love what has been done with Spike in the comics. I mean commanding a spaceship full of giant cockroaches is so ludicrous that it’s perfect. I’m going to miss those bugs.

Willow: Wonderland by Jeff Parker& Christos Gage

  • This volume continues Willow’s interdimentional search for a new source of magic started in Angel & Faith. She must face her dark side and her hunger for power in order to accomplish her quest. It is a beautiful, spiritual journey with several encounters from her past.

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