A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{April 21, 2013}   Comics and manga of the week (88 & 89)

KimiWaPet1_09092005Aozora Yell, volume 1 (French) by Kazune Kawahara

  • This is a sweet, inspiring manga about a girl who wants to join her new school’s famous marching band. She is timid and no one seems to think she can succeed but she’s determined and she has the support of one of the baseball players, met by chance on her first day. Tsubasa and Yamada, the main characters are sweet, positive and a bit naive. They are absolutely adorable together. I can’t wait to see how their romance develops. A cute new series by the author of Koko Debut.

Happy, volume 14 (French) by Naoki Urasawa

  • Miyuki has made it to Wimbleton and she faces to of her toughest opponents: Wendy Palmer and the machiavellic Choko Ryugasaki. But her concentration is at it’s best; nothing can distract her… except the knowledge that her family in Japan are being held by Yakuza. This is great volume and it’s a pleasure to finally see Choko get hers. There is only one more volume left. Tension is high and I really, really want Sakurada to win Miyuki’s heart. What can I say, I like the underdog. 🙂

Itsuwaribito, volume 8 by Yuuki Iinuma

  • Utsuho and his friends solve the mystery of the sealed island but fail to obtain the treasure. They set off after the next treasure but they now have several dangerous rivals in their quest. But as usual Utsuho lies and tricks his way out of even the worst situations. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this series is just fun. If you like adventure shonen, you should be reading it. And the new characters, who seemed like little more than villains of the week at first, are really growing on me.

Kimi wa pet, volume 1 to 10 (French) by Yayoi Ogawa

  • This is one of my favorite josei manga of all times (right up there with Nana): the concept is original, the characters are endearing and the art is gorgeous. In it, tall, intelligent and successful journalist Sumire has relationship troubles because men are intimidated by her. She has thus decided that the next man she dates must be taller than her, make more money and be good looking. So when she finds a young man in a box outside her apartment, dating him is out of the question. She lets him stay on the condition that he become her pet. Slowly over the course of numerous personal and professional stresses, she comes to care and depend on him, the only person to whom she can reveal her weaknesses. It makes me want a Momo of my own. 🙂

Koibana, volume 7 (French) by Nagamu Nanaji

  • While Hanabi tries to win Chikai’s heart before White Day as per their agreement, others are having even less luck in love. Sasa’s heart is broken and the seemingly unbreakable relationship between Masato and Shino is starting to crumble. This is not a happy volume in the least. I really felt for poor Shino.

Library Wars, volume 9 by Kiiro Yumi & Hiro Arakawa

  • Iku goes undercover to catch a pervert roaming the library, then she and her friends have to take an advancement test. For once Tezuka is the one struggling because the test involves entertaining 20 rambunctious children. The main plot of this one was a bit silly but there is romance budding in the background and a more serious issue is broached to lead us into volume 10. As a librarian, I can’t recommend this series enough. Does it accurately represent librarian work? Only occasionally. But it is funny, smart, romantic and shows such passion for the free access to information. I can’t say anything bad about it.

Silver Spoon, volume 1 (French) by Hiromu Arakawa

  • The new manga by the author of Full Metal Alchemist is nothing like her smash hit. There is no fantasy, no combat, no heart wrenching tragedy (yet anyway). Silver Spoon takes place in an agricultural school where the young hero has enrolled with only his hopes of academic success. It quickly becomes apparent that he knows nothing about farm life and the reader learns right along with him. It’s surprisingly entertaining, with real respect for agricultural work. Some bits are a bit hard for a vegetarian to read though. >_<

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