A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{February 13, 2013}   Capitaine Static by Alain M. Bergeron

capitainestaticPlot: Charles Simard was a boy like every other until one Halloween he discovered a strange power: he can store and fire static electricity! The newly named Capitaine Static uses his super powers to combat bullies. Though it sometimes gets him into trouble with adults and cute girls.

Another assignment from the boys I’m working with at the library. This being the second Bergeron book they’ve suggested in 6 weeks, I can only assume that like me, they’re big fans. (As a side note: I don’t review non-fiction on the blog but you should definitely check out his hilarious and informative series on animals, Savais-tu?, that is also illustrated by Sampar.)

Like the Billy Stuart series, this one mixes different formats: in this case novel and comics. The chapters are short, the comics colourful and dynamic and the whole thing is full of humour. I found myself chuckling along. It’s great for young, reluctant readers, especially those who love super heroes. And it’s also a great opportunity for a fun science lesson. But the best part for me: the poor static-ed kitty… and not just because I’m bitter that my cats are constantly shocking me. 🙂

There are currently five Capitaine Static books (though none yet in English). They’ve won and been nominated for numerous awards (BĂ©dĂ©lys, BĂ©dĂ©is Cause, Hackmatack, Prix du livre jeunesse des bibliothèque de Montreal, etc.), including several selected by the kids that make up their audience. I can’t think of greater praise than that.

2013 (#16)


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