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{February 6, 2013}   The Boy Book by E. Lockhart

boy bookPlot: 6 months ago Ruby lost her boyfriend and her best friend, got labelled a slut and became a leper at school. But her boy troubles are far from over: she’s getting closer to her friend Noel, is upper-regioning with Angelo and is getting notes from her ex-boyfriend Jackson. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a school trip, a Hooter Rescue Squad and penguins.

At the end of my review for The Boyfriend List I said that I wanted to run out and buy the other three Ruby Oliver books. It was just such a fun read. So I did. And I don’t regret it, I tore through The Boy Book.

The second book is more linear than the first (though Lockhart has kept the amusing footnotes). Rather than a list of boys, this one is constructed around a book of observations and rules about dealing with them “like it was a nature book about wolverines or something” (p.17). There is a lot of advice (both good and bad) about dealing with boys, a lot of tangled emotion and a lot of humour.

Ruby can be selfish and she makes some mistakes that hurt people but she is funny and endearing with an encyclopedic knowledge of film. She learns to understand boys (a little) better and how to be a better friend. Meanwhile, I came to understand that I have a huge crush on Noel, the short, spiky-haired outsider. 😉

Anyone who has had their own romantic misadventures and misunderstanding, will be able to relate to Lockhart’s charming narrator.

Book three is The Treasure Map of Boys and I’ve already started it.

2013 (#13)


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