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{January 24, 2013}   Billy Stuart, volume 1: Les Zintrépides by Alain M. Bergeron

billy stuartPlot: Billy Stuart is a scout leader with an awesome adventurous grandfather. His summer could have been great but he’s gotten stuck watching his neighbours’ horrible dog Frou-Frou. But when all seems ruined, a mysterious letter from his grandfather about time travel leads him and his troupe on a crazy adventure.

This was a homework assignment given to me by some kids I’m working with (there will be more in the weeks to come). And it was a great recommendation. I already liked Bergeron; he’s a great, prolific Quebec author. This delightful story just confirmed my love of his books.

It’s quite funny. I mean, seriously, our hero is a raccoon in a kilt with a very annoying poodle. He has a whole cast of animal friends, time travels, encounters monsters and more. AS if that weren’t enough, Bergeron adds hilarious notes throughout. For example, have you ever wondered in Batman leaves guano around his cave? No? Well now you can’t unthink it. 🙂

But the best part? There are some simple but amazing games at the end of some chapters. One really blew my mind: you can try a version of it here.

I’m a lot older than the intended audience but I still had a lot of fun. With its play with fonts and colourful illustrations (I also love the illustrator, Sampar) this series would be great for Geronimo Stilton fans. I don’t think it has been translated into English yet but, really, you guys are missing out on some great Bergeron novels.

2013 (#6)


alain m. bergeron says:

wow ! thanks for those kind words about our little Billy Stuart ! Our team at the Edition Michel Quintin works very hard to sell the rights to an English publisher. We have just learned yesterday that Billy will be translated in Spanish. So it’s a start and we are hoping that our English readers (young AND old) will be able eventually to discover Billy Stuart’s adventures. thanks again and have a nice day !
alain m. bergeron, author

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Emily says:

mlIs there an English version yet.

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