A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{January 23, 2013}   The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde

last dragonslayerPlot: Jennifer Strange is a foundling managing the weird wizards at Kazam Mystical Arts. In the old days, magic could do almost anything but in the modern world they are lucky to get a job delivering pizza with their magic carpets. But things are changing. Pre-cogs throughout the Ununited Kingdoms are predicting the death of the last dragon and magical power is surging. Somehow Jennifer is involved.

The Last Dragonslayer is a great quirky fantasy tale. Jennifer lives in a world as strange as her name full of odd characters. How can you not like a story with a transient moose? It reminded me a lot like Terry Pratchet’s Diskworld books or the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It just borders the absurd but makes a strange kind of sense.

Jennifer has a great adventure though it involves more paparazzi dodging than epic battles. She also has to prevent a war, save an endangered species (or kill it?), figure out who’s lying to her (everyone) and how to preserve magic. Meanwhile the ending is surprising and kind of perfect. It is not the virtue that you expect that saves the day. 🙂

This really funny, unique modern fantasy. I had a blast reading it and wouldn’t mind some more stories in Fforde’s world.

2013 (#5)


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