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{December 30, 2012}   Gangsta Granny by David Walliams

gangsta grannyPlot: Every Friday, Ben’s ballroom dancing obsessed parents leave him with his Granny while they go out. Ben hates it: his Granny is old and boring and smells of cabbage. Or so he thinks. One day he discovers that she is actually an international jewel thief, a real gangsta granny, and he begins to see her in a whole new light. Together they plot the greatest heist in history: stealing the Crown Jewels!

After thoroughly enjoying Walliam’s The Boy in the Dress, I dug into his most recent novel. I preferred the first book but this one also has a lot to commend it. It has the same quirky sense of humour, hilarious narrator and touching moral.

The story is really unique and funny, and Walliams tells it well. We have an 11-year-old boy who dreams of being a plumber, his parents who want him to become a dancer (despite an obvious lack of skill and desire), a granny who eats nothing but cabbage (including cabbage cake ewww!), a nosy old neighbour and a daring heist. And the intended audience, middle grade boys, will love the fart and poop jokes. My favorite part: the lynch mob dressed entirely in lycra. Want to know what that’s about? Read the book!

The end of the story takes a turn for the tragic and, honestly, it didn’t work. The message that we should appreciate the elderly is a good one but the twist ending is hardly a surprise and it was hard to switch gears from the silly tone of the rest of the book. I wanted to be sad for Ben’s loss but I just couldn’t feel it.

This is a really fun book which will make you reconsider your granny.

2012 (#118)


[…] as his most recent novel, Gangsta Granny, encourages kids (and grown-up kids like myself ) to reconsider their prejudices about the […]

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