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{October 28, 2012}   Blood Rites by Jim Butcher

Plot: Thomas, a vampire of the White Court, has hired Harry to protect a director of erotic films. Women in Arturo’s entourage are being killed in mysterious accidents and he suspects that a powerful curse is at work. As if that weren’t enough, the head of the Black Court is in town and people are dying. Harry needs to track them down and wipe them out. With all these vampires and dark magics, Harry hardly has the time to deal with the Tibetan Temple dog that has adopted him.

So much Murphy and Thomas! Joy!

Unless you can’t tell from the above, this has been my favorite Dresden Files novel so far. Though it came to a bit of a silly start with a box of puppies and napalm flinging monkey demons and with too much exposition about the previous books, it picks up very quickly.

This is another vampire heavy book. But though most of Harry’s troubles so far have been with the Red Court, this time he is confronted with the Dracula-like Black Court and the succubi of the White Court. The leaders of both courts both want him dead and both use powerful magics to accomplish it. (Speaking of magic, I’m getting tired of Harry’s stupid fire spell.) He needs to call on some powerful allies if he wants to have a hope of surviving, including a dangerous and costly mercenary.

But if there is a theme to this book it is family and all the drama surrounding it.Murphy is getting pressure from her mother about her job and her failed marriages. Meanwhile Thomas is at odds with his father, the head of the White Court, and trying to protect his siblings. Even Harry, who has long thought of himself as alone in the world, learns new, disturbing truths about his mother and his mentor. Emotions run very high and there are some surprising twists.

As this is a book about the White Court and the porn industry (to which Butcher brings a refreshing amount of nuance and delicacy), love and lust are also in the air. I can already see feelings budding between Murphy and Harry but he isn’t the only one who has noticed her charms. I’m eager to see how this develops; Harry has a terrible track record with romances.

Blood Rites is Butcher as his best but as a judoka, I must make one comment before finishing: judo pyjamas, Harry, really?

The next book is Dead Beat. Look for my review soon.

2012 (#99)


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