A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{October 27, 2012}   Adaptation by Malinda Lo

Plot: On June 12th, birds flew into planes throughout North America, crashing many of them and grounding the rest. Reese had been waiting for a plane back home to San Francisco when it happened. When she tries to drive home instead, she has an accident. She awoke a month later, in a government facility, healed and forever changed. Now she is exhibiting inhuman powers, is being shadowed by government agents and, in the midst of all that danger and mystery, she falls in love.

It’s been a while since I read/watched a good Roswell mystery (it kinda makes me want to revisit the old TV show) but Lo’s romantic tale of catastrophes, secret government agencies and medical testing enthralled me.

The story takes place in a near future (with a female president!) but don’t let anyone call it a distopia. If anything, this novel is everything starts to change for the U.S. and probably the world; it is the moment when we discover that we aren’t alone in the universe. But certainly the birds crashing into planes throughout North America have something apocalyptic about them and they send the entire country into a dangerous panic. Some of the early scene could send a chill down your spine.

On a more personal level, Reese is dealing with the aftermath of her terrible accident. Her medical treatment, that she isn’t allowed to talk about, has left her without the slightest scar and some strange powers. She soon starts to wonder about what was done to her and about the agency who performed the procedure. Good thing she has a conspiracy-obsessed best friend to help her get to the bottom of it. The mystery is interesting in well constructed though the conclusions that Reese and her friends reach are hardly surprising.

There is also a great love triangle; it is perhaps my favorite part of the story. At the start of the book, Reese is so overcome by her feelings for David that she screws up their debate competition. But her parents’ dysfunctional relationship has left her feeling cold about love. Until she meets Amber. Their relationship is sudden and passionate. And also confusing to Reese who had considered herself straight. I would have been hard pressed to pick between sweet, honest David and beautiful, spontaneous Amber too.

The conclusion was more than a little predictable but the story itself was exciting and romantic. I look forward to the sequel.

2012 (#97)


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