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{September 9, 2012}   Grave Peril by Jim Butcher

Plot: Ghosts seem to be running amok in Chicago, putting its citizens in mortal peril. Harry, the city’s only professional wizard, has teamed up with a holy knight to put them to rest. But these are no simple hauntings, someone is stiring up the specters for a nefarious purpose. In his quest for the culprit, Harry is forced to confront all his old enemies: including vampires, warlocks and his fairy godmother.

The third book in the Dresden Files series (see my reviews of Storm Front and Fool Moon) is credited as the one where the series really picks up. And certainly the stakes have never been higher. When Harry is faced with werewolves, he is faced with countless kinds of werewolves with different agendas. But in Grave Peril, Harry confronts ghosts, vampires, demons, possessed cops, evil warlocks and evil fairies and all of them have a grudge against him. Things go from bad to worse. And there’s a real human cost in the end.

This book also introduces a few great new characters. Michael is a knight of the cross, a riteous defender of the innocent. He is a good and honest man with a sense of humour; he’s a good foil to Harry (who lives in a moral gray area and has a problem with honest). And let us not forget his forceful, disaproving wife Charity. On the other end of the spectrum is Thomas, a vampire who feeds on lust, but who is capable of loyalty. But if you ask me, there was not enough Lieutenant Murphy.

The audiobook is once more ably narrated by James Marsters.

This remains a solid, fun noir urban fantasy. Book 4 of the Dresden Files is Summer Knight. Look forward to a review of that in the near future.

2012 (#91)


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