A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{September 8, 2012}   A story a day – Day 1

A week ago (or thereabouts) I read about someone who is reading a short story a day for a year and I thought to myself: what a wonderful idea! (I don’t read enough as is ;P) So I am attempting to do the same – a story a day for a year (at least) – and I will keep you updated on my progress here. If you want to suggest a story please do so in the comments.

The first story is from one of my favorite sci-fi/fantasy authors: Elizabeth Bear.

1 – Sonny Liston Takes the Fall by Elizabeth Bear

  • This is a fantastic twist on the history of Sonny Liston and Cassius Clay (who you might know as Mohammed Ali), which casts Ali as the Summer King, the beautiful young champion who must be sacrificied to the old gods. Beautiful and heartbreaking.
  • This story is narrated by a familiar character: One-Eyed Jack, the spirit of Las Vegas. I first encountered him in “One Eyed Jack and the Suicide Kings” in Bear’s collection, The Chains The You Refuse.

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