A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{August 19, 2012}   Comics and manga of the week (54)

Batman: Streets of Gotham, volume 3: The House of Hush by Paul Dini

  • Funny that some of my favorite Batman series have very little Bruce Wayne in them. In this volume, Hush continues to impersonate Wayne under the careful supervision of the Justice League while plotting the downfall of the house of Wayne. My favorite part, however, is The Carpenter’s Tale featuring a handy and shrewd villainess.

The Punisher, volume 1 by Greg Rucka

  • I love Greg Rucka but this isn’t his best. I’m at a loss to even give you a coherent plot summary: in comes down to murder at a wedding and bloody revenge. The star of the comic is the spunky female reporter, Norah. I’d continue reading only for her.

Orange Chocolate, volume 1 (French) by Nanpei Yamada

  • The author of Les Princes du Thé (Koucha Ouji) brings us a series about traditional dance and body switching. It is well executed and interesting though it is less funny than it might have been. The characters are growing on me, however. Yamada does have a gift with characters.

The Underwater Welder by Jeff Lemire

  • Jack’s father was a diver who died at sea. Jack now works as an underwater welder while his wife awaits their first baby but he cannot help but return, again and again, to that Halloween when his father died. This is a beautiful exploration of fatherhood and the ways in which we get caught in the past. Lemire’s art is as beautiful as ever and he does some amazing panel layouts. It recalls Lemire’s excellent Essex County.

Wonder Woman, volume 1: Odyssey by J. Michael Straczynski

  • The first volume of the New 52’s Wonder Woman starts with a bang: our heroine must save the surviving amazons and track down the villain who killed her mother and destroyed her childhood home. I don’t much care for Wonder Woman’s new origin but she is powerful, righteous and has some exciting adventures.

X-Factor, volume 14: Super Unnatural by Peter David

  • This volume follows the Children’s Crusade (which I have yet to read but eagerly await, I love the Young Avengers as much as Madrox’s crew) and Rictor has recovered his powers. X-Factor has faced many difficult cases but they may be powerless before a murderer who cannot die. Not my favorite volume of the series but I feel there are exciting things to come.

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