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{August 13, 2012}   Storm Front by Jim Butcher

Plot: Harry Dresden is a wizard. No, not a stage magician. And no, that isn’t a joke. He works as a private detective, solving cases of a supernatural nature. But this time he might have more on his plate than he can handle. Monica is looking for her husband, a strange mystical drug known as three-eye is circulating around the city and the police is consulting him on a string of gruesome murders. Worse, the police and the wizard’s white council suspect that he might be involved.

I’ve read Storm Front before and Harry Dresden’s noir fantasy adventures are a guilty pleasure of mine. There’s a lot of action and as many twists and every bad thing that could happen to Harry, does (though he thinks fast in a crisis). Meanwhile Butcher does a good job of explaining his magic world and Harry’s history without weighing down the narrative with exposition.

Harry is your typical hard-boiled, down on his luck P.I. like you’ll find in the pulps. Only he sends electronics haywire, has a talking skull in his basement, can perform spells and will see into your soul if you look him in the eye. In keeping with his pulp persona, he’s an old-fashioned gentleman. This can bother me sometimes but as this seems to come from a place of genuine respect for the women in his life (who are great characters in their own right), it’s almost charming… though it remains somewhat patronizing.

The audiobook is narrated by James Marsters. I admit that may have been one of the reasons I bought the audiobook. I love that man’s voice. It’s a good voice for Harry, though Marsters sounded bored at times. The editing was also far from seemless. I’m not particularly attentive to editing but even I could hear where different recordings were stitched together.

But even with those minor flaws, it was an enjoyable audiobook and I’ve already bought the second novel, Fool Moon. To this day, The Dresden Files counts 13 volumes. If you like noir mysteries and urban fantasies, you should check out Butcher’s series.

2012 (#82)

Title: Storm Front

Series: The Dresden Files (1)

Author: Jim Butcher (http://www.jim-butcher.com/)

Publisher: DAW

Audiobook publisher: Buzzy Multimedia

Year: 2002 (First published in 2000)

Book ISBN: 978-0-451-45781-3

Audiobook ISBN: 978-0-965-72550-7


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