A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{August 5, 2012}   Comics and manga of the week (52)

Chroniques Birmanes (French) by Guy Delisle

  • Delisle has recently received a lot of praise for Chroniques de Jerusalem, which I really enjoyed. This earlier comic recounts his year spent in Burma. A funny and insightful look at a country under a dictator. Delisle’s comic is also available in English as Burma Chronicles.

Ma Copine est Fan de Yaoi, volume 4 (French) by RIze Shinba and Pentabu

  • Taiga’s relationship with his otaku girlfriend is threatened when she suspects him of infidelity. We also see a hint of the lives of her otaku friends. What started out as an amusing manga has turned rather bland. Only one volume left so I will at least finish it.

Cosplay Cops, volume 5 & 6 (French) by Nao Doumoto

  • The last two volumes of this series focus more on Rikka’s new relationship than on crime (though she is never far from voyeurs and underwear thieves). I like her new boyfriend and their relationship is as hot as any in the series. But the best part, imho, was that Rikka will not date him unless he respects her and her work, regardless of her feelings for him. This series has it’s problems but it’s fun and I really liked Rikka: she is kind, impulsive and just, she is always ready to help others and she demands respect.

Ooku, volume 7 by Fumi Yoshinaga

  • This is the continuation of Yoshinaga’s ground breaking alternate history of Japan where a disease targeting men turned Japan into a matriarchy. Volume 7 brings us back full circle; we find out about the political strugles that led to Yoshimune becoming shogun. The large cast can be a bit hard to keep track of and the old fashioned language can be a bit off-putting but this remains a unique and fascinating manga.

Shinobi Life, volume 2 (French) by Shoko Conami

  • Kagetora is a ninja from the past, sworn to protect the princess Beni. But he has decided to stay in the future with her descendant instead. Beni and Kagetora start to have feelings for each other but their positions, her father and an arranged marriage conspire to keep them apart. A fun story about star-crossed lovers. And ninjas.

Vinland Saga, volume 8-10 (French) by Makoto Yukimura

  • The death of Thornfinn’s father was a turning point in his life. He spent 10 years on the battlefield and now, after the death of Askeladd, he finds himself one more at a loss. He is now a slave and needs to find a new reason for living.

Yakitate Ja-Pan!!, volume 1 (French) by Takashi Hashiguchi

  • Azuma travels to Tokyo to become a baker. His goal is to create the ultimate Japanese bread: the Ja-pan (I know, a pun but I like the series anyways). Though he knows nothing about traditional baking, his passion and his unusually warm hands will lead him far. A very strange, fun manga.

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