A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{July 1, 2012}   Comics and manga of the week (47)

Happy Canada Day, readers. ^_^ In celebration, I start this week with Canada’s very own superhero team.

Alpha Flight by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente

  • I’ve seen some truly abysmal comics about this Canadian superhero team but Pak and Van Lente redeemed them. I enjoyed their run on Hercules and this was as fun and action packed (and it looks like they actually did a bit of research about Canada). I also really liked what they did with Aurora. Plus I’m always happy to see Northstar and Kyle, they’re adorable (though why they couldn’t get married in Montreal, I don’t know, we have gay marriage too).

Le chemin des fleurs, volume 1 (French) by Ako Shimaki

  • Kyonosuke is from a long line of Kabuki actors. He has the presence and education to be great but he doesn’t care to be more than mediocre. That is until he falls for a girl who isn’t impressed by him. A really fun love triangle about the world of kabuki.

GTO, volume 9 & 10 (french) by Toru Fujisawa

  • In a new plot to get him fired, Onizuka has been accused of stealing the money for the school trip. Instead of protesting his innocence, he promises to bring all the students on an even more extravagant trip. What lengths will he go to in order to gather the necessary finds? As funny as ever but the level of bad fortune and stupidity in these volumes made me cringe a little.

Lily la menteuse, volume 1 (French) by Ayumi Komura

  • Hinata is thrilled when a gorgeous boy declares his love for her. She’s a bit more conflicted when she finds out that he is the school’s infamous cross-dresser. A cute, funny romance but I wish cross-dressing was less of a joke.

Ouran High School Host Club, volume 18 by Bisco Hatori

  • This final volume of Host Club focuses on Haruhi and Tamaki’s new relationship. It’s a lot of crazy fun, as usual (even though I was personnaly rooting for Haruhi and Hikaru). A lovely ending to great series.

Le Pacte des Yokai, volume 12 (French) by Yuki Midorikawa

  • Natsume’s ability to see yokai gets him into trouble once again. When he is captured, one of his friends is drawn into his troubles. He fears he won’t be able to maintain his happy life with the Fujiwara’s. A beautiful exploration of Japanese mythology as usual. (Published in English as Natsume’s book of friends).

Static Shock, volume 1: Supercharged by Scott McDaniel, John Rozum and Andy Owens

  • Another new 52 title. I really liked Virgil: He’s smart and fun with interesting family problems. The action is exciting too. But I have an issue with comics that need to explain everything that’s happening in the dialogue.

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