A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{June 24, 2012}   Comics and manga of the week (46)

Bokurano, volume 6 by Mohiro Kitoh

  • Two more children die in this very difficult giant robot manga. Do not read this if you like happy endings, it’s depressing, but somehow enthralling.

Chroniques de Jerusalem (French) by Guy Delisle

  • Quebecois Guy Delisle recounts his year in Jerusalem. A thought provoking look a very complicated conflict. He offers no easy answers but instead shows us the beauty, the humour and the simple daily life of this ancient city. It’s 2012 prize at Angoulême was well deserved.

Dawn of the Arcana, volume 4 by Rei Toma

  • Princess Nakaba’s arcana of time shows her the murder of a young girl. She is determined to stop this tragic event as well as an attack on a Ajin village even at the risk of her own life. This fantasy constantly surprises me with its depth.

Family Compo, volume 11 (French) by Tsukasa Hojo

  • Kaoru wants to join a band but fears her father’s interference. Meanwhile Masahiko’s girlfriend Yoko clashes with her mother about the inheritance of their family inn. A touching and funny family drama by the author of City Hunter.

House of Five Leaves, volume 7 by Natsume Ono

  • We finally find out about the tragic events in Youichi’s life that lead him to crime and to the Five Leaves. A beautiful, unique samurai drama. Highly recommended.

Kamisama Kiss, volume 9 by Juliette Suzuki

  • Nanami, the human shrine god, travels to Kurama’s home mountain to help him deal with a struggle for succession among the Tengu. A fun fantasy as usual.

Kobato, volume 6 by Clamp

  • Kobato finally gets to make her wish but she has not accumulated enough wounded hearts to save her own life.Will she be able to help those she has come to love before she has to leave them? The sudden ending took me by surprise but it was rather satisfying.

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