A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{June 2, 2012}   Novel previews

Even if you can’t make it to BEA this year, you can still preview some of the great YA titles coming out this year (and early next year).

  1. Harper Teen has put up the first 80 pages of Diana Peterfreund’s Persuasion inspired sci-fi novel For Darkness Shows the Stars.
  2. MTV has the first excerpt of The Madness Underneath, the sequel to Maureen Johnson’s amazing ghost story/mystery The Name of the Star.
  3. Justine Magazine has the Prologue and first chapter of Carnival of Souls by Melissa Marr or Wicked Lovely fame.
  4. Read the first two chapters of Maggie Stiefvater’s new book The Raven Boys.
  5. Watch Libba Bray act out the first scene of The Diviners. (How can you not love this woman?)
  6. Read an Excerpt of Prodigy, the sequel to Marie Lu’s amazing distopian novel Legend.
  7. Read the prologue of Bitterblue, the long awaited companion to Graceling and Fire by Kristin Cashore.
  8. Justine Larbalestier has Chapter 1 of Team Human, the parody of vampire romances that she co-wrote with Sarah Rees Brennan, up on her site.
  9. While we’re talking about Sarah Rees Brennan, I need to repeat that you should go read the first 3 chapters of her upcoming book Unspoken.

Read them at your own risk. They’ll make you crave the whole books.


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