A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{May 21, 2012}   Comics and manga of the week (41)

Crash, volume 1 (French) by Yuka Fujiwara

  • Hana, the daughter of a talent agent, has a special gift for detecting new stars. When she discovers five particularly promising boys, she decides to create a boy band. This manga is a bit silly but amusing.

Family Compo, volume 10 (French) by Tsukasa Hojo

  • Shion is about to start university but her family is concerned by her decision to attend as a man. There is as much slapstick humour and cross-dressing fun as always but I love the glimpse we get of Shion as a determined, goal-oriented young woman.

Ippo, volume 38 & 39 (French) by George Morikawa

  • First Date fights against the world champion, the man who defeated him 7 years ago. Then Ippo must defend his own title against an old friend. Lots of action in my favorite boxing manga. ^_^

Princeless, volume 1: Save Yourself by Jeremy Whitley

  • Adrienne thinks this whole business of princesses being confined in towers in order to be saved by princes is nonsense. When her own parents purchase a dragon and a tower for her, she decides to take her fate – and a sword – into her own hands. A brilliant, hilarious all-ages comic which turns fairy tales on their head. Everyone should read it.

Private Teacher, volume 3 by Yuu Moegi

  • Now that Rintaro has finished high school, he has moved in with his former tutor Kaede but his elder brother is not pleased with his choice of lovers. Kaede is not at all likable but it is an entertaining comic nonetheless and I liked the short at the end.

Samejima-kun and Sasahara-kun by Koshino

  • When Samejima confesses his love, Sasahara doesn’t know how to react. He doesn’t want to lose his friend but can he love a man? They slowly grow closer as they tentatively explore their relationship and their sexuality. An absolutely charming bl story.

Saturn Apartments, volume 4 by Hisae Iwaoka

  • Mitsu continues to improve at his job as a window washer. It is a dangerous job, exposed to space and unfiltered UV rays. One of his mentors finally succumbs to these dangers. A quiet, thoughtful manga about life in a not so distant future.

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