A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{April 15, 2012}   Comics and manga of the week (35)

Black Bird, volume 13 by Kanoko Sakurakouji

  • The battle between the two Tengu brothers over Misao finally comes to a head. Misao loves Kyo but she feels pity for his brother Sho. That pity may cost her everything. I wasn’t sure about this series when it started but it has becoming more and more exciting of late.

The Color of Earth by Kim Dong Hwa

  • The Color of Earth recounts the life of young Ehwa and her widowed mother. In it we see Ehwa discover love and sexuality. And for this it became the second most challenged book of 2011. It wasn’t my favorite book of the week because at times it felt a bit too much like a sex ed manual. But that doesn’t take away from the beauty of Kim’s art or the subtlety of his message about women’s sexuality and misogyny.

Cross Game, volume 7 by Mitsuru Adachi

  • The Seishu Gakuen Baseball club is making good progress towards the finals at Koshien and Ko’s fastball just keeps getting faster. Aoba once joked that her ideal man could throw a 100 m/h fastball but it’s starting to look like Ko might actually succeed. Will they fall in love like everyone suspects or is he in love with Akane, the spitting image of Aoba’s desceased sister? No way to know, Ko’s a great liar.

A Devil and her Love Song, volume 2 by Miyoshi Tomori

  • Maria continues to try to be accepted but hes classmates misunderstand her bluntness and honesty. It doesn’t help that her teacher is using her as a scapegoat for all the problems in class.

Hikaru no Go, volume 20 & 21 (French) by Yumi Hotta and Takeshi Obata

  • The Hokuto tournament, pitting Chinese, Japanese and Korean pros under 18 against each other, is about to begin. The 3 Japanese players have been chosen and they organize a training camp at Akira’s house.

Itsuwaribito, volume 5 by Yuuki Iinuma

  • Utsuho and his companions enter a town taken over by killer dolls. Can his skills as a liar save them when there are no humans to trick? I continue to love this fun, unconventional adventure.

Papillon, volume 2 (French) by Miwa Ueda

  • With the help of Ichijiku, the school councilor, Ageha mends her relationship with her mother and tried to get closer to her childhood friend Ryusei. Only she may have fallen in love with Ichijiku himself.

Sakura Hime, volume 7 by Arina Tanemura

  • Sakura’s companions are finally able to save her from her brother. But will she be able to chose between the humans she has grown to love and her only family?

Stepping on Roses, volume 7 by Rinko Ueda

  • This is another series that far surpassed my expectations. Soichiro gives up his wealth and his company to be with Sumi. But Nozumu hasn’t given up on stealing her from his former friend. He’s becoming more and more mwahaha evil.

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