A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{March 26, 2012}   Bitter Harvest by Kim Knox

Plot: It’s 2050 and humanity is nearly extinct. An A.I. uses a nano-virus to infect and control humans. The infected are driven by the desire to spread the infection, usually through sex. When Rider appears in Sutton’s refuge, he claims to have overcome the infection though he has been left with an overactive sex drive. Sutton wants him but giving into that desire could put the entire settlement at risk.

This review is based on a review copy provided by Netgalley.

And now for something comepletely different. Most of my reviews are for YA and MG novels because that’s mostly what I read and that’s what I buy for the library. But Carina press has been putting out some good titles mixing romance and sci-fi/fantasy and they were kind enough to give me some review copies. Bitter Harvest is a m/m erotic sci-fi novella.

If I had to describe this story in one word, I ‘d say: anticipation. Knox lets the sexual tension build up for more than half the story, so that by the end the reader is as eager as Sutton. Rider is fun and sexy: his sarcasm and smug arrogance are a pleasure. And though the story is more about lust than love, there is a nice romantic ending. (But, without spoiling anything, I must say that the way the evil A.I. is ultimately defeated is too silly for me to take seriously.)

World building is not a strength of the story. I really wish I knew more about the A.I. takeover, how humans were contamined and how it affected them (aside from making them nymphomaniacs). We only get hints. But then, that isn’t the point, is it? This is 100 pages of sexual tension and hot sex interspersed with sci-fi action, which ultimately, is what I was promised.

2012 (#32)


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