A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{March 25, 2012}   Errant by Diana Peterfreund

Plot: Sister Maria Brigitta, a unicorn hunter of the Order of the Lionness, is sent to attend the wedding of Elise de Commarque. Her family wants a traditional unicorn hunt for the festivities. But Gitta has no desire to sacrifice her unicorn Enyo for a rich family’s pride and the recently orphaned Elise knows that her marriage has nothing to do with her own happiness.

This review is based on an ebook version of the story.

This is a short story taking place in Peterfreund’s killer unicorn universe, centuries before Rampant or Ascendant. I loved Rampant (and plan to read Ascendant very soon) and I thought that this story was a wonderful addition to the universe.

The two young women, who narrate alternate sections of the story, are very different. Elise was raised in relative ease and privilege; she is a delicate lady, disgusted by Gitta’s crude ways. But this  does not mean that her life is without trouble. Meanwhile Gitta is strong, educated and as proud of her calling as the nobles are of their families. At first they cannot stand each other, but they come to a mutual understanding through their gifts.

It is a wonderful, empowering story about girls coming into their strength.


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