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{March 14, 2012}   Waiting on Wednesdays: Banner of the Damned

Title: Banner of the Damned

Author: Sherwood Smith

Publisher: DAW

Release date: April 3rd 2012

Plot: Princess Lasva is about to be named heir to her childless sister, the queen. But, when the queen finally bears an heir, Lasva’s future is shattered. Grief-stricken, she leaves her country of Colend and falls into the arms of Prince Ivandred of Marloven Hesea. His people are utterly different — with their expertise in riding, weaponry, and magic — and the two soon marry. When the sensational news makes its way to Lasva’s sister, the queen worries for Lasva at the hands of the Marlovens, whose king’s mage is in league with the magical land of Norsunder — considered by Colendi to be their enemy.

Why I’m waiting: This series picks up where Smith’s Inda series left off, 400 years later. Inda completly enthralled me, it is the type of sweeping fantasy epic that I love full of war, intrigue and romance (fans of The Game of Thrones should check it out). You could not stop me from reading this new series. 

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking the Spine. I plan to participate for the next year at least (because my to read pile really needs to be longer ;P). If you’d like to join in, grab a graphic, write a post and leave a link on her site.


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