A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{January 24, 2012}   Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

Plot: Evie is different from other teens: she can see past the glamours that paranormal creatures wear to their true selves. This has made her a prized operative of the IPCA (The International Paranormal Containment Agency). Life in the Center is all she has ever known but she dreams of being a normal teen. When she falls for a shapeshifter and something starts killing paranormals throughout the world, she begins to suspect that she may never be normal. 

White’s debut novel has a very interesting concept. Evie’s powers and origins (which I will not spoil) are fascinating as are the Empty Ones and Lend, the shapeshifter. She also brings a breath of fresh air to more familiar paranormals like werewolves and vampires… these vampires won’t make you swoon. The IPCA itself shows promise though it is poorly developped: for a decades old international organization, it is not very organized.

The romance, meanwhile, is quite sweet. I like that Evie loves Lend no matter what face he wears regardless of race or attractiveness (though I don’t know how I feel about her repeated assertions that it’s weird when he’s a girl). Their conversations are cute and funny.

But though I liked all these things about the book (and Evie’s pink taser Tasey ^_^), I was never fully swept away by the story. I found it interesting but I never really felt for Evie. I wanted to: she has lived a hard, lonely life. But White spent too much time telling me how lonely it was, how Evie craved normalcy and not enough making me feel it.

Fans of paranormal romance will enjoy this book. It was a quick, entertaining read but I can wait to read the sequels.

2012 (#10)


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