A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{January 22, 2012}   Comics and manga of the week (23)

Black Butler, volume 8 by Yana Toboso

  • The true nature of Ciel’s servants is revealed when the Phantomhive manor comes under attack. And Ciel must stop a terrible crime that reminds him of the horrors of his past.

Bokurano, volume 5 by Mohiro Kitoh

  • This series continues to be depressing as only a series about pre-teens dying to protect their world in a giant robot can be. But a new revelation makes the whole situation even worse!

Chew, volume 3: Just Deserts by John Layman and Rob Guillory

  • This series about a cibopathic (he can see where something has been by eating it) FDA agent continues to be brilliant and unique both in terms of stories and art. It can be a little gross but its definitely worth it.

Kings of Shogi, volume 4 (French) by Masaru Katori and Jiro Ando

  • The open shogi tournament pitting professionals against amateurs, men against women continues. Though Shion has passed the first round, she is being stalked by her parents’ murderer. A slightly more adult manga for fans of Hikaru no Go.

Mystic by G. Willow Wilson

  • Two orphans study magic in a revolution-torn steampunk world. I read this on the recommendation of a friend who shares a name with one of the heroines. Thank you Gen! It was brilliant. Please tell me there will be more.

Princess Jellyfish, volume 1 (French) by Akiko Higashimura

  • This was my favorite manga of the week! A very unique series about a group of otaku women living together and the beautiful crossdressing boy that comes into their lives. A very unconventional romance, I look forward to more.

Secret Six, volume 7: The Darkest House by Gail Simone

  • The final volume of Simone’s brilliant series about a group of (8, not 6) villains completely blew me away. But I won’t spoil it for you.

Smile by Raina Telgemeier

  • The beautifully illustrated true story of a young girl and her dental misadventures.

Stardust Wink, volume 1 (French) by Nana Haruta

  • A very cute, if slightly generic, shoujo manga about a girl and her two childhood friends. I’d like it better if it didn’t imply that girls and boys can’t be just friends.

X-Factor, volume 12: Scar Tissue by Peter David

  • I can honestly say that X-Factor is my favorite Marvel title and it never disappoints. In this volume, the mutant P.I. are hired by J. Jonah Jameson to find a murderer. Only he is keeping some secrets and what X-Factor doesn’t know may kill one of them.

Young Justice, volume 1 by Art Balthazar and Franco

  • The creators of Tiny Titans bring us a fun all-ages comic about the younger DC super heroes. Based on the series on the Cartoon Network. Balthazar and Franco nevere fail to make me smile.

Em says:

Chew sounds intriguing– does he literally have to “eat” it (as in chew and swallow) or does he just need to gnaw on it for a while?

roguelibrarian says:

He literally eats it. And his employers make him eat some truly dreadful thing. 😛
It also means he rarely enojoys a meal. Mostly he eats beets.

Gen says:

For Mystic, that’s all there is for now but the creative team does want to do more mini-series. Hopefully soon! I’m glad you liked it

roguelibrarian says:


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