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{January 21, 2012}   Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Plot: Anna’s father sends her, against her will, to finish high school in a boarding school in Paris. Sounds great in theory but Anna doesn’t speak a word of French and is forced to leave behind her best friend, her potential boyfriend and her little brother Sean. But almost immediately after arriving, she makes friends with her dorm neighbour, Meredith, and by extension St-Clair, the most gorgeous boy she has ever seen. Unfortunately he already has a girlfriend and even bigger problems with his dad than she has with hers.

“Very Romantic. You should date this book.” – Maureen Johnson

Johnson is as amusingly creepy as ever but she is also right: this is a great, romantic read. Perkins’ debut novel actually reminds me of Johnson at her romantic best: quirky, likable characters, great dialogue and complicated emotions. I read it in a single sitting. You know, I used to think that I didn’t like straight up romances (which is silly when you consider my manga collection) but I think I just hadn’t found any books like this one yet.

Anna is a great character. I enjoyed the complicated friendships that she has with those around her and her tentative explorations of Paris. But the best part of the book is without a doubt St-Clair. I’m often told that the romantic interest in stories is gorgeous and charming but it’s harder to make me feel it. I fell in love with Étienne St-Clair right along with Anna. I couldn’t help it. He is smart and funny and kind. His family situation will break your heart. And though he has flaws and he makes mistakes that hurt people, that’s what real people are like. I like that he is Anna’s best friend, because I honestly believe that your boyfriend should be a friend first and foremost. And I love that he’s short and still gorgeous because I personnally like short guys and I don’t think they get enough love in romance.

You don’t need to date the book but I do recommend that you read it. I’ve already ordered the companion book, Lola and the Boy Next Door.

2012 (#9)


[…] is the third and final of Perkins’ loosely connected romances that include Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door. This was my least favorite of the three but it remains a charming […]

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