A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{December 13, 2011}   So Silver Bright by Lisa Mantchev

Plot: Beatrice Shakespeare Smith, the Mistress of Revels and the Teller of Tales,  has saved both men she loves from the clutches of the Sea Goddess and found her father, but her adventures are far from over. She has been summoned to the Distant Castle to perform for the Queen, a task far more perilous than it sounds. Meanwhile she must find a way to save her mother and the Théâtre Illuminata. And Nate and Ariel continue to vie for her heart, neither satisfied  to be loved exactly as much as the other.

This was the perfect ending for an amazing series. I was completely spellbound. Bertie and her troupe go from one danger to the next with barely the time to breathe (sometimes literally). Every time she manages to save herself from the brink of disaster with her intelligence and courage and the power of her words. Bertie has to make some very difficult decisions but there is enough wonder and humour to keep the adventure from being too dark: the fairies surprised a laugh out of me more than once.

And the romance! Mantchev has created two very different but equally charming (and gorgeous!) beaus for Bertie: a rugged pirate and an unpredictable air spirit. Like Bertie, I fell in love and I was torn between the two of them. I didn’t know how Mantchev could possibly bring the relationships to a satisfactory conclusion, but she did it. Also, I love that Bertie is no damsel: she saves the boys more often then they save her.

I loved this series from the first: it was smart, funny, touching and exciting and remained so until the end. It was unlike anything else I’ve read and I read a lot. Whether you’re a theater geek or just enjoy a well crafted fantasy story, I highly recommend the Théâtre Illuminata series (start with Eyes Like Stars and Perchance to Dream).

Challenges: None


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