A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{December 11, 2011}   Manga and comics of the week (17)

Afterschool Charisma, volume 4 by Kumiko Suekane

  • Must clones follow the fates of their originals? How do they deal with the loss of their friends, knowing that they can be replaced?

Batgirl, volume 3: The Lesson by Brian Q. Miller

  • Barbara Gordon will always be my favorite Batgirl (she was a librarian after all) but I’ve loved this run with Stephanie. It was just plain fun.

Dawn of the Arcana, volume 1 by Rei Toma

  • I thought this would be a standard medieval fantasy but I was surprised by an enjoyable reflection on class, obligations and expectations. I look forward to more.

I’ll Give it my All… Tomorrow, volume 4 by Shunju Aono

  • The continuing saga of a middle aged man’s half-hearted attempts to become a manga artist. Amusing though no exciting.

Kamisama Kiss, volume 6 by Julietta Suzuki

  • Nanami meets another human kami and must compete against her to gain admittance to a gathering of gods.

Kobato, volume 5 by Clamp

  • The secrets of Kobato’s origins and the reason for her quest to heal people’s hearts are finally revealed.

Ouran High School Host Club, volume 17 by Bisco Hatori

  • The conflict between Tamaki’s father and grandmother comes to a head. Will the Host club, and his family, be happily reunited in this penultimate tome?

Slam Dunk, volume 19 by Takehiko Inoue

  • Shohoku is doing well in an important game, but Hanamichi is growing increasingly frustrated with his inability to surpass their talented competitors.

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