A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{December 10, 2011}   Tortall and Other Lands by Tamora Pierce

These eleven fantastical stories full of strong, inspiring women from all races and walks of life enthralled me from the first. I would be hard pressed to chose a favorite. If you are a fan of Pierce’s fiction, you need to read this collection.

A warning, some stories spoil her novels so you should read everything she’s written. 😉 (Seriously, the series mentionned in the stories are the Trickster series and The Immortals series.)

Student of Ostriches

A girl learns to fight from the watching wild animals and uses her skills to protect her sister’s honour.

Elder Brother

Numair accidentally turns a tree into a man and he must learn how to be a human.

The Hidden Girl

The daughter of a wandering priest struggles to restore women’s place in her religion.


A sequel to The Trickster series sees the birth of Aly’s triplets and deals with Nawat’s identity as a crow.

The Dragon’s Tale

The young dragon Kitten, bored with Daine and Numair’s diplomacy, tries to tame a starving young mother labled as a witch.


A timid, young mathematical genius learns to believe in herself thanks to a new Darking friend.

Time of Proving

A girl on her proving finds an injured bull-man and teaches him to survive in the desert.

Plain Magic

A young girl learns a plain but powerful magic from a traveling vendor.


Ri saves a strange lizard who can mimic the sounds of the animals.


A contemporary teen tries to fit in with the popular group at school, known as the Pride, but she soon discovers that they take this title very seriously and her very life may be in danger.


The girls in a home test their new housemothers, driving them off one by one, though they secretly hope one will pass. This is not a fantasy story.

Challenges: Quirky Brown Challenge (9)


thanks…this is a for sure buy for me!

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