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{December 2, 2011}   Debut novels

Hello internet, I’m back! I finished my Nanowrimo by the skin of my teeth as usual (it’s a steampunk mystery taking place in 19th century Montreal in case you’re curious).

Now it’s back to reading and reviewing. I have a bit of a backlog and I also have some plans for the rest of the year. I’ve decided that december would be debutnovel month.

  1. Across the Universe by Beth Revis
  2. Sister Mischief by Laura Goode
  3. The Latte Rebellion by Sarah Jamila Stevenson
  4. Sirenz by Charlotte Bennardo & Natalie Zaman
  5. XVI by Julia Karr
  6. The Midnight Circus by Erin Morgenstern
  7. Wildwood by Colin Meloy

I’m already halfway through Across the Universe and I’m loving it so far. If you have suggestions for other great 2011 debut novels I should read, leave a comment.



Methinks I should have taken a blog break, too. I came in at 43,000. Very happy with that number, the first draft will be done by mid-Dec…but…

Steampunk, mid 19 c., Montreal? I’m in!

roguelibrarian says:


43,000 is a great number, you should be happy. ^_^

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