A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{November 13, 2011}   Comics and manga of the week (14)

Nanowrimo continues, so another small week. All manga again. (And if you are wondering about book reviews, 3 are coming, I just haven’t had time to write them.)

Bad Teacher Equation, volume 2 by Kazuma Kodaka

  • A boy in love with his best friend who is in love with his teacher who is in love with his brother who is in love with another man. Soap operish? Yes but written with remarkable depth. In this volume they all travel to Norway to introduce Toru to his boyfriends father.

Border, volume 2 by Kazuma Kodaka

  • Another series by one of my favorite boys love authors about a group that takes care of crimes in a way the police can’t and the cop determined to find them (and their mysterious & gorgeous leader).

GTO (double volume), volume 2 (French) by Toru Fijisawa

  • The original bad boy teacher uses unconventional means to deal with the serious problems facing his trouble students.

Oresama Teacher, volume 5 by Izumi Tsubaki

  • Mafuyu continues to fight her deliquent way; this time she helps a strange rich girl find love and is pursued through the school by a ninja. Odd but not laugh out loud funny.

We Were There, volume 13 by Yuuki Obata

  • This is a beautiful, bittersweet romance and yet it makes me so mad at the same time. I’m used to liking the guy that the heroine doesn’t fall for but in this case he’s the sweetest and most gorgeous guy you’ll meet. he doesn’t deserve all the heartbreak.

Yakuza Cafe by Shinano Oumi

  • The leader of a yakuza group gives up crime and starts and oddly themed cafe so that he can welcome his grown son in his home. One of his men is also eager to meet the boy again, though for different reasons. Very odd but fun BL.

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