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{November 1, 2011}   Fearscape by Simon Holt

Plot: A year ago on the winter solstice, Reggie discovered Vours: creatures that can bring out your worst fears and take over your entire life. She was able to save her little brother but now she is trapped in a mental institution and is being subjected to horrifying experiments. Will she be able to save herself and rid the world of Vours forever?

I loved Holt’s Devouring series. It’s horror the way it should be: suspenseful, eerie and atmospheric. Fearscape was not my favorite of the trilogy, the first two outstip it in oppressive paranoia, but it remains a solid horror story and a great Halloween read.

*Spoilers for the first two books*

Reggie goes right into the heart of fear again and again saving people from Vours at the cost of her own humanity; every Fearscape she visits brings a new kind of horror. But though Reggie is a great, brave heroine, she is no longer the only hero of the series.

Reggie narrated the first two books, but this one alternates between her POV and that of her best friend Aaron. And Aaron has changed from the first book. He’s gone from a timid, nerdy teen to a kind of comando. I’m not sure how I feel about the change (I love nerdy boys), but it does add a lot of action to the title. The character who has changed the most though, is Quinn, Reggie’s love interest and a former Vour. He could have been a regular rich jock, the town’s golden boy but he’s much more interesting. Holt really explores the ways in which a decade in the Fearscape has changed Quinn and it brings new depth to the character.

*End of spoilers*

I’m not sure what Holt is planing next but I hope it’s more horror.

Challenges: None


Have the first two, not read yet, but picked them up for the very reason you mentioned. Good horror. Will add Fearscape to the tbr pile (that thing is teetering I tell you.) Thanks for this and the spoiler alert, lol. I swear though it was soooo tempting to look.

Cheers and enjoy the weekend!

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