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{September 25, 2011}   Artifice by Alex Woolfson & Winona Nelson

Plot: Deacon is an artificial human sent to the Da Vinci Four to execute the colonists but suddenly everything goes wrong. His comrades are destroyed by a booby trap and he finds himself stranded on the planet for months with the only remaining human survivor. In that time, they bond and Deacon is driven to act against the corporation that sent him in the first place.

Artifice isn’t a novel, not even a graphic novel, really. It is a science-fiction webcomic but one I feel more people should be reading. The story begins after Deacon and the survivor, Jeff, have been returned to the corporation and dives right into the question of what an android is and its relations to humans. Later, the story addresses the question of what it means to be homosexual in a society where this can be prevented before birth. But this story isn’t only about concepts. There is also action, the potential for a great romance and plenty of wry humour. The truth of what happened at Da Vinci Four is just begining to unfold as is the budding relationship between Deacon and Jeff and I’m already sitting on the edge of my seat. Meanwhile, the art is gorgeous and expressive and perfectly suits the story; kudos to Winona Nelson, the artist.

The banner above calls Artifice gay sci-fi but that seems to imply that it is only for gay people. Honestly it is a great sci-fi series staring gay characters. Something we need more of in comics, novels and movies. It is pure torture reading this series at the pace of a page a week. If they put out a book, I’ll be the first to buy one.

You can read Artifice for free at Yaoi911.


Alex W. says:

Thank you for your very kind words! Artifice has now come out in book form. You can get it over at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0985760400/?tag=yaoi911-20

Thanks again!

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