A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{August 21, 2011}   Comics and manga of the week (3)

Ed Brubaker and Minx marathons this week. I’ve now read all the Minx titles that DC put out and I think it’s a crying shame that the line was aced. They put out some great titles and the concept had real potential if only they had given it a chance.

20th Century Boys, volume 16 by Naoki Urasawa

  • I will not describe this manga. Go read it now. I will wait.

Burnout by Rebecca Donner & Inaki Miranda

  • A girl starts to fall for her eco-terrorist step-brother.

Clubbing by Andi Watson & Josh Howard

  • Murder is afoot at the golf course.

Criminal, volume 2: Lawless by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips

Criminal, volume 3: The Dead and the Dying by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips

  • The lives of thieves and murderers brought to life by one of the masters of suspense in comics.

The Death of Captain America, volume 1: The Death of the Dream by Ed Brubaker

  • Captain America has been shot but who is really responsible?

Good as Lily by Derek Kirk Kim & Jesse Hamm

  • Grace Kwon is confronted with 3 different versions of herself at 3 points in her life. CAn she resolve the problems troubling each of them, and her current herself?

Kimmie66 by Aaron Alexovich

  • In the future everyone lives in virtual worlds but the ghost of a dead girl is creating havok.

Itsuwaribito, volume 3 by Yuuki Iinuma

  • Utsuho is a compulsive liar but he uses this skill for good. Funny and clever.

Token by Alisa Kwitney & Joëlle Jones

  • A girl takes up shoplifting and falls for a gorgeous boy rather than dealing with her family problems.

Water Baby by Ross Campbell

  • A girl gets her leg bitten off by a shark and goes on a road trip to get rid of her freeloading ex.

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