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{July 14, 2011}   Give up the Ghost by Megan Crewe

Plot: Ever since her sister died 4 years ago, Cass has been able to see ghosts. And now, in high school most of her friends are already deceased. Little known fact about ghosts: they know all the gossip. Cass uses their knowledge to get back at the liars, cheats and backstabbers at school. But when Tim, the VP of the student council, approaches her, desperate to speak to his dead mother, she might have to rethink her dark vision of the living.

After several failed attempts to read Tuesdays at the Castle, I realized that I felt like a high school story so I picked up Crewe’s book (which had been hidden beneath all those ARCs) and I’m so happy that I did; it was exactly what I needed.

This is a very unique ghost story and a great first novel. Crewe’s mythology is very interesting: her ghosts are unable to change and have trouble remembering new information. But they aren’t frightening; they are very believable as Cass’ friends. The ghost are actually great characters in their own right. I especially liked Norris, the eternally 14-year-old greaser with a lot of attitude but a good heart. I also liked Cass, Tim and the other breathers; they are complex and sometimes difficult to deal with but they are very human. And I could see a bit of me as a teen in Cass and her relationship with her mother.

There is not a great deal of romance if that’s what you’re looking for. Personally I found it refreshing to read a story set in high school that was not all about finding love. This story is more about pain and loss and trying, if not always succeeding, to rebuild connections with people.

Though it is not a sequel to Give Up the Ghost, I look forward to Crewe’s next book.

Also, great book trailer:

Challenges: Canadian YA Challenge (8)


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