A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{May 29, 2011}   Pet Noir by Pati Nagle

Plot: Leon is a genetically modified feline commissioned by the Gamma Station security force. He possesses speech, opposable thumbs and a quick mind. Along with his bipedal partner, Devin, he solves cases ranging from drug smuggling and theft to kidnapping and murder.

This was an e-book that I purchased from Book View Cafe.

This feels more like a series of short stories than a novel (there are 5 mysteries in all). The first mystery has the best execution, mainly because Nagle takes more time to develop it. Some of the later ones suffer from too quick a wrap up: as soon of the adventure is done and the bad guys caught, the mystery is explained in a few paragraphs. But despite the rushed endings all the mysteries are fun and interesting and Leon gives the stories a unique, feline perspective.

Leon is a fun character. Despite his sci-fi origins, he behaves believably like a cat and has as much character as any cat I’ve ever owned. The non-modified cats can be slightly less believable, not because they can speak to Leon but because they speak to him in very human ways. One of them even speaks in what I like to call “movie French”. But Leon is a strong enough character to carry the whole story.

This is a fun, light read for a lazy day and a must for cat lovers.

Challenges: Futuristic/Sci-Fi Challenge (4)


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