A Rogue Librarian's Reading List

{January 15, 2011}   Conrad’s Fate by Diana Wynne Jones

Plot: Conrad has always been told that he has had a bad karma and that his fate would inevitably lead him to bad luck and a worse end. So when his uncle tells him that he must work as a servant Stallery Manor and kill the person causing his bad luck or die within the year, he reluctantly agrees. But in the manor someone has been playing with the probabilities and causing all sorts of weird changes to the world. Conrad and his fellow servant-in-training, Christopher, begin investigating the phenomenon while searching for Christopher’s missing friend Millie.

Conrad’s Fate takes place a few years after The Lives of Christopher Chant. Christopher is now a teen and seen from the outside in all his vanity and pride (though he remains charming for all that). But the story focuses on Conrad, another young boy being used by greedy relatives. I liked Conrad a lot, he’s a good kid and probably one of the few people who can be friends with Christopher.

The mystery of the changing probabilities, what is causing it and why, is a very interesting one that leads the boys to an exciting adventure. Christopher seems to think he is the white knight on a mission to save his lady. I’m sure that if this had been his story, it would have seemed that way. I am quite pleased and amused by the ways in which Wynne Jones undermines this fantasy.

The Chrestomanci series continues to enchant me. I love the characters and the world. I am, however, dying for the novel that tells the story of Christopher and Millie’s romance.

Challenges: Into the Old World Challenge (3)


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