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{December 31, 2010}   Tread Softly by Kate Pennington

Plot: Mary is the daughter of a master tailor who is charged with making a cloak for Sir Walter Raleigh, recently fallen out of favour with Queen Elizabeth. But what begins as a bit of costly clothing turns quickly to murder and plots against the throne.

This is a nice historical fiction. I enjoyed it for what it was though it was neither the best nor the worst that I have read.

Pennington seems to have done her research. There is a great deal of detail about Elizabethan England and about clothes making. This is both a quality and a criticism. Raleigh is fascinating in his humanity and the world seems accurate. At the same time there was enough talk of clothing to confuse and bore me but I’m sure not everyone would agree.

Similarly, the mystery and the plot against the Queen are interesting and well paced but the villains are almost cartoonish in their one-dimensional evil. If the story was set any later, I would have expected one of them to tie Mary to a train track.

Whatever else I might say, it was an interesting read and I learned a great deal.


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